The Team

Together we has extensive expedition experience ranging from all of the corners of the global. Fotspor AS is:


Knut Espen Solberg

1973, Asker, Norway

Knut Espen holds a MSc from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has covered more than 50,000 nautical miles in Arctic waters including spending two winters with his vessel in the ice (Northern Canada and Northern Greenland). Aside from running Fotspor AS, Knut Espen also works as a Senior Researcher for the department of Research and Innovation at Det Norske Veritas (DNV) on issues relating to the sustainable economic development of the Arctic and the shipping activities associated with this development.

Inge Bugge Knudsen

1974, Bærum, Norway

Inge is undertaking a MSc in Archeology and Culture History and has participated in related work in Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. He has been on several expeditions over the past 10 years in areas such as Spitsbergen, Arctic Canada and Greenland. Aside from his academic interests, Inge also enjoys sailing, skiing and working with sled dogs.

Einar Børresen

1973, Asker, Norway

Einar first trained as a mechanic and then later obtained a Cisco approved degree in network security. Living in Nuuk for five years, he was responsible for the network security and IP communication development in Greenland and is now responsible for the scientific equipment and technical maintenance of Fotspor AS.

Tommy Wike

1973, Asker, Norway

Tommy started his career as a producer for a local TV station in his hometown in Norway and then moved to the US to attend film school in Chicago and Los Angeles. After graduating, Tommy worked in the film industry in Hollywood for a year before returning to Norway where he now works in all areas of film and television production.

Erik Braarud

1975, Molde, Norway

Although Erik is an educated carpenter he has worked as a sailor for most of his professional carrier gaining extensive practical experience in vessel maintenance and modification. He has worked for several major companies within the Norwegian pleasure boat industry and has joined Fotspor AS on several Arctic expeditions.

Hans Martin Halvorsen

1981, Fedrikstad, Norway

A professional sailor and sail-maker by trade, Hans Martin is currently working part time on high speed vessels for Norway’s rapid reaction intervention forces. He has extensive experience in both the racing and cruising community, holding several medals from national and international championships. Has Martin has spent several seasons in the Arctic and covered more than 2,000 nautical miles in a 6.5 meter vessels in Northern Greenland and the Canadian Arctic.