Fotspor AS is privileged to work with some great companies who sponor our research and expeditions.



The Jotun Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of paints, coatings and powder
coatings and currently has 74 companies and 40 production facilities across all of continents of the global. Jotuns operations cover development, production, marketing and sales of various paint systems and products to protect and decorate surfaces in the residential, shipping and industrial markets. In 2009, the Jotun Group had a total sales revenue of NOK 12,814 million and 7,400 employees. There head office is located in Sandefjord, Norway.


Devold of Norway AS is an independent company with a long and proud history. They haveproduced high-quality wool clothing since 1853 - in fact they are the oldest manufacturer ofknitted garments in Norway. Their aim is the same today as when Ole Andreas Devold founded the company 155 years ago: to create comfortable, high-quality clothing that protects people against the elements.

Devold of Norway serves two different markets, offering sports & leisure wear and protective
clothing. Their goal is to maintain their renowned product quality, which is the result of a long
tradition of craftsmanship combined with the best available technology, while continuing to develop new functional garments of appealing design.


Bergans has a long tradition of supplying equipment for expeditions and leverages this experience in the development of their products. As a major supplier of outdoor equipment and clothing, Bergans understand the importance of taking responsibility for care of our natural resources and thus are engaged with the environment and contribute to sustainable development, placing environment and ethical trading high on their agenda.


FleetCom is a supplier of satellite communications equipment, services, repair and support and they originate from Nera SatCom, a pioneering company within satellite development and communications, giving them more than 30 years experience and knowledge of the market. There head office is located in Tranby, Norway, just 40km south of Oslo.


Belamarin is a Norwegian company that was established in 1996, and is an importer and distributor of Raymarine. In addition to Raymarine, Belamarin represents other selected manufacturers who provide a wide and varied range of products well suited to the Norwegian yacht market. Belamarin has a well developed network of dealers, with a combination of retail outlets that also offer installation and service.